Stop. Drop. Go. Morning drop off procedures

Welcome to the new School Year!

We look forward to you and your students to starting each school day in a safe and positive climate. This begins with your child’s arrival to school. “Stop. Drop. Go.” is an initiative asking parents, guardians and caregivers to help us maintain a safe situation for all students and neighbors. Parents/guardians and caregivers will be able to legally and safely drop-off their children within a two-minute time frame. We ask that:

  • Families do not park in the parking lot in the front of the school. This lot is reserved for staff parking.

  • Parents/caregivers should pull forward all the way into the drop off zone, and remain in their car while students exit on the school side of the car.

  • Volunteers and Student Ambassadors will be present to assist students in exiting the vehicle. Cars will be able to move quickly and safely through the drip-off zone.

If you wish to accompany your child into the school, please park legally on a side street and walk with your child(ren) to campus. By eliminating double parking and keeping the drop-off zone moving, everyone will get to their destinations on time!

We are asking for everyone’s help in creating a safe and positive situation for all SRCSA children. Please help others by not dropping off students anywhere other than the designated drop-off zone between the Administrative building and the Multipurpose room.

If you wish to volunteer for Stop. Drop. Go., this is an excellent way to fulfill volunteer hours. Please let our office staff, Nadia or Maryam, know that you are interested in helping out!

Please do:

  • Park on side streets to walk students to campus.

  • Use the school parking lot ONLY for dropping off your student(s).

  • Only unload students when a Parent volunteer/Student Ambassader open the car door.

  • Have backpacks and other materials ready to unload with your student.

  • Wait your turn to let your student(s) out of the car.

  • Be prepared to move quickly through the line.

Please don’t:

  • Get out of your car.

  • Park in the lot in front of the school.

  • Unload students without a Parent Volunteer/Student Ambassader to open the door for you.

  • Use the driveway on Orchard street to drop off your student(s).

Nadia Talbot